About Us

PT SSBI is a collection that has a passion (passion) in the world of music. Starting from the manufacturer of amplifiers, guitar and drums in Bandung. PT SSBI now expanding into the world of music education.

We have a passion (passion) to educate talented Indonesian children to be able to use the instrument. We refer to this as the competence to play musical instruments, where we have the curriculum and teachers skilled in their fields. But we do not just educate the child to have competence in the field of musical instruments, we also have a passion (passion) to educate children character. We believe childhood to adolescence character formation is crucial for success in the future. The world's success can only be reached via the formation of 3 C is character, competence and commitment.

In RusselRockwell we ensure the children to learn to master the instrument (competence), has Character and commitment to always do their best. Through the programs of educator we will always emphasize the lessons to catch 3C, namely competence, character and commitment.

Through passion manner that maximizes educate children to learn enthusiastically we believe every student in the RusselRockwell will master a musical instrument for the field that followed.

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