Studio Monitoring RXM 06

Studio Monitoring RXM 06
Studio Monitoring RXM 06
Brand: Russel
Product Code: Studio Monitoring RXM 06
Availability: In Stock
Price: Rp. 4,150,000
Amplifier Specification
Speaker 1. Input: XLR & 1/4"TRS(3-pin) 20K ohm balanced RCA 2. HF LEVEL ADJUST : Adjusts the high level availablefrom the monitoring subwoofer. 3. Volume control : Adjusts the overall level vailable from the monitoring subwoofer. 4. Power Switch : Turns the system On and Off. Ensure the system volume control at minimum when switching on. 5. Voltage slection : Change AC power between 115V and 230V 6. Power Supply Input Connector : Use the power cord

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